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What I Pack in My Hand Luggage: Long Haul

When you're reading this, I'll be sunning myself in Thailand. I haven't been away in over two years, so this holiday is well overdue. The flight to Thailand is not a short one, so I like to be as comfortable as possible - despite the lack of leg room. I wanted to share with you my absolute must-haves for hand luggage on a long haul flight. In this post, I won't be sharing my beauty products - that will be coming in a separate blog post on Sunday.

1. Spare Clothes
For me, this is a must-have after a long flight. I get to Thailand at 2pm, so I want to land feeling semi-fresh and ready for the first day of my holiday. After sitting in the same clothes hours, there is nothing better than being able to freshen up before landing. Also, it's nice to pack more climate-appropriate clothes for when you land.

2. Flipflops
To save on space in my rucksack, I always wear my bulky shoes on the plane. For this trip, it will be my hiking trainers. Sure, it saves on space, but it is so annoying to take the shoes on and off all the time when you want to go to the toilet or get up and walk around. I cannot sit on a plane with my shoes on - I do not understand people that can do that. So, packing a pair of flipflops is perfect for wearing around the plane and when I get to my destination.

3. Travel Pillow, Eye Mask & Blanket
I seriously struggle to sleep on planes, I always have done no matter how hard I try. But, I try my best to make myself as comfortable as possible to sleep. The pillow will also be so useful when I'm in hostels and sleeper trains. The blanket I have is a Turkish towel, meaning it will double up as my beach towel and it dries so easily - making it perfect for travelling around.

4. Ear Plugs  
Again, this all adds to aiding my sleeping experience. I really hate the dull, whirring noise that a plane makes. Let alone all the other strange noises that other people on the plane are making. Also, I thought these would come in useful for the rest of the trip - particularly when staying in hostels!

5. Book 
I always make the most of the films on planes. But, when sitting around the airport, I'll need something to keep me occupied. This trip will be solo travel, so that is a lot of time in the airport to kill on my own. So, I'm going to use this time to read a good book and, of course, have a mooch around duty-free.

6. Pen 
This might not be something that you might think of, but actually, it's so vital. When I flew to Austraila, I didn't have a pen to complete my visa form on the plan. The flight attendant could only offer me a pencil. So, despite the form saying BLACK INK ONLY, I threw caution to the wind and filled it out in pencil. Fast forward to customs, and I'm being told off by the Customs Officer for not using a pen and being told to complete it all again. He might as well have put me on the naughty step.  Take it from me, they are as strict as scary as they seem on Nothing To Declare. So, lesson learnt, I will be taking a pen with me.

7. Antibacterial Wipes 
Planes are gross. The air, the seats, the closeness that everyone is to each other. Everything. To make myself feel better, I like to have a wipe to clean down the tray table or use to freshen up my hands before food.

8. Reusable Water Bottle 
I picked up this bottle from Moutain Warehouse, it's quite rare to find a litre reusable water bottle anyway, let alone a collapsible one. What I'll do it take it through security empty, then head to a water fountain or a coffee shop and ask them to fill it up. Free water and no need to add another plastic bottle into landfill.

I'd really love to hear what you have to take with you on a long-haul flight. Don't forget, you can see all my beauty must-haves on Sunday. Find me in comments or on Instagram and Twitter
Love, Kate xx


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  1. Love reading posts about packing! Hope you're having the best time - your insta is making me so jealous!

    Sincerely, Sarah xx


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