Wednesday, 14 February 2018

What I'm Giving Up & Taking Up for Lent

What I'm Giving Up & Taking Up for Lent

Happy Valentine's Day. 
Those who are in relationships, I hope you are having a good one with your beloved. Those who aren't (like me), love yourself - you don't need a relationship or a mushy #boydidgood instagram post today. 

What I'm Giving Up & Taking Up for Lent

This year, it's not only Valentine's Day today, it's also Ash Wednesday/the First Day of Lent. Every year, for as long as I can remember, I have given something up for Lent. Usually chocolate as I have an unhealthy addiction to the stuff. However, this year, I wanted to reflect on some things that I will be taking up during Lent. So, here is my list of the things I will be giving up and taking up for Lent 2018. 

1. No chocolate and sweets
This is my go-to Lent sacrifice every year. The funny thing is, I don't really like sweets, but I have to also give them up as it just end up replacing chocolate for sweets. So, now I just give up both.

2. More tolerance
I want to work on being more tolerate for the next 40 days. I can be quick to judge and not see the full picture sometimes - both in my professional and personal life

3. Less stress  
This definitely applies to my work life more than my personal life. I've feel like I have been having a lot of stress, sometimes stress that I shouldn't even be getting so worked up about. I will be tolerant, less stressed and zen throughout lent.

4. More yoga
There seriously is a pattern forming here isn't there...
My start of 2018 has been really exercise focussed and I'm really enjoying it. It makes me feel so good in myself. So, I want to continue this theme with adding a bit of yoga into my routine.

5. More reading
Last year, I was really good at upping my reading - but things seemed to have slipped in 2018. I want to get a load of books I've been wanting to read and focus on setting aside some me-time to spend reading.

Do you participate in Lent? What will you be giving up/taking up? Let me know in the comments, or find me on on Instagram and Twitter
Love, Kate xx


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