Wednesday, 8 November 2017

So... Fragrances

Are you feeling as throwback as I am seeing these? Anyone who was a child/teen in the 90s/00s must remember these beauties. So, when So...? asked if I would like to try some of their fragrances I jumped at the chance. 

I recently had a girls night at my house and I got these out to show my friends. Safe to say they went crazy for them. We had a trip down memory lane and laughed at our memories associated with these fragrances. If I had a blog back then, I'm sure these would have been all I would have posted about. After we had got over all the fun and actually got down to smelling the fragrances, we were super impressed. 

They have a new Dark Romance fragrance which they have brought out in the traditional body mist and also in an eu de parfum. Very fancy, I know.  This scent was definitely the favourite for me friends, and for me too. It's a more musky fragrance with hints of vanilla. This creates a really nice balance of a feminine fragrance that isn't too sweet and florally. The scent is so perfect for this time of year. Whenever I have been wearing this - either the body mist or the eu de parfum - I always have people asking me what I am wearing. This range is super affordable too, £4.99 for the mist and £6.99 for the eu de parfum. An amazing price for a really good quality product.

These two are the more traditional body mists. I totally love that they have brought the mists back in their traditional form - I mean, why change what was brilliant in the first place!? These two smell so great and would be perfect for the summer months. They are so fresh and light. They are also so reasonably priced too, just £3.99 for the mists.

Have you tried anything from the So...? fragrance come back? I'd love to hear your memories associated with these scents too. Let me know in the comments, or find me on Instagram/Twitter.
Love, Kate xx



  1. I used to always use these fragrances! I haven't used them in a while now but all of the scents sound amazing x

    1. I hadn't used them for years, but it was so nice to have them back! The scents are incredible!!
      Thanks for stopping by.

      Kate xx


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