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Empties #4

Empties #4

Here we are again, cleaning out the empties draw to share my thoughts and opinions on the things I have been running out of lately. Side note, I'm pretty proud that I have been able to keep a hold of the things without forgetting and throwing them away. I didn't think I would be making past the first blog post! But less of that, and more about the empties...

Empties #4

I love a bath, especially this time of year. I see them like a potion, mixing together all my favourite products to properly pamper my skin. Bath salts are a complete must for me, particularly the ones that detoxify, like these ones. I love to pop them in my bath, after a long week - and sometimes a hangover filled weekend - to make me ready for the week ahead. These Senspa ones are totally perfect for that and are really reasonably priced compared to other bath salts. What's more, I just picked them up in Waitrose whilst doing the food shop. 

Would I buy it again? Absolutely - I don't know why I haven't already! 

Is it just me or does anyone else always finish a shampoo before a conditioner, so they are left with random conditioners everywhere. So annoying. This product on the other hand, not annoying. I cannot tell you how soft and nourishing this leaves my hair feeling. I can really tell the difference in the ends of my hair when I have used this shampoo. This can sometimes be a bit of a downfall though when I am trying to style my hair, it's like I need to add more texture back into the hair to try and style it which feels a bit counterproductive. But, to say I have oily roots, I still found this product really nice and it didn't make my hair feel greasy.

Would I buy it again? Maybe - once I am through the rest of my Shampoo stash. 

The eagled eyed amongst you will recognise that I featured the Green Banana and Bamboo version of this in my last empties post. Again, the scent of this product is totally heavenly - better than the Green Banana one if I'm honest. I love Original Source and everything their brand stands for. So it's so great that they make nourishing and moisturising shower milk for a really reasonable price. 

Would I buy it again? Absolutely. 

I picked up this product at a bloggers event and didn't really have any feelings towards it - it was just a toothpaste after all. But actually, since using it and reading up a bit more about it, it's more than just your bog standard Colgate. It's designed to reverse the erosion process and prevent against cavities - which I have had many of in my lifetime. I have the most rubbish and weak teeth. Since using this product, I have noticed that my teeth appear whiter, especially in areas where I have had tartar build up and discolouration. This might sound weird, but the toothpaste actually tastes ok too. Most advanced toothpaste types normally taste really weird and full of bicarbonate of soda - not this one! 

Would I buy it again? Most definitely 

I was kindly sent this product to try a longgg time ago, I'm talking months - that's how long it has lasted. Before this, I had never tried a cleanser in a bar. I checked so many times that it was actually suitable for your face!! After using it and getting over the initial weirdness, I really didn't mind that it was in a bar. It's a really lovely cleanser. I used it for my second cleanse after removing makeup. To say that I have skin more on the dry side, this product didn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight. The only downside is that I cant use it to remove eye makeup. 

Would I buy it again? Yes! 

Empties #4

What have been some of the products you've been loving or hating? I'd love for you to share them with me in the comments, or via Instagram/Twitter.
Love, Kate xx

This post contains PR samples, however, all opinions are my own.


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