Wednesday, 20 September 2017

What To Buy A Dad Who Has Everything

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This picture makes me so happy. Unfortunately for my Dad, I have aged him somewhat since this photo - but to me, he will always be my absolute hero. His birthday is rapidly approaching, and it's a big one this year. He is probably the worst person to buy for as he doesn't generally buy a lot for himself, but when he wants something he will just buy it. This makes him so incredibly hard to buy for. With Christmas also rapidly approaching, I wanted to put together a gift guide for those Dad's, or men in your life, who are particularly hard to buy for. Hopefully, it will be helpful to you too if you have a Dad like mine!

FitBit Alta
If you've got a Pops who's into keeping fit this might be the perfect gift. My Dad loves to go walking so this will be the perfect gift for him to keep a track of the miles he has been walking and the steps he has done that day. There are more advanced versions of FitBit which monitor heart rate and all sorts if your Dad is keen into his fitness.

This might seem like a really obvious one - but it's always the option I seem to forget about. My Dad could always use a helping hand in the clothing department - no offence Pops! Find out your Dad's favourite clothing brand and you won't go far wrong. At the minute, my Dad is obsessed with the brand Napapijri. Let's be honest, no one can never have too many clothes.

Panasonic Speaker System
My Dad loves his music, so his speaker systems are really important to him. Panasonic has some really great speaker systems that are actually pretty reasonably priced. The multi-room options are perfect to allow them to create sound systems in the rooms they need it most - from the kitchen to the living room or even the garage.

This has got to be the most simple gift for a Dad who likes a drink. This is a gift that you can make really special depending on your Dad's taste. Whether it's a very nice bottle of wine, an expensive bottle of gin or a nice set of beers/ales. You can really tailor this to what your Dad likes best. Also, it then becomes a real treat that they wouldn't necessarily buy themselves.

Box Sets
My Dad is pretty old school when it comes to CDs and DVDs, he's got no time for Spotify or Netflix. He'll watch a series on Sky or on DVDs and that's it (even when I have given him my Netflix log in details!) For my Dad, box sets or CDs would be a perfect choice for him. If your Dad is a bit more in the 21st century, you could maybe pay for a subscription serivce for him, whichever one you think will suit him best.

I hope this list helps you with that difficult to buy for man in your life. 
If you have any other suggestons that have worked for you I would be so appreciative of them. Let me know in the comments, or contact me via Instagram and Twitter. 
Love, Kate xx



  1. I always forget about clothes too! His last birthday I bought him a shirt and he loved it because noone really buys him clothes. Great post xx Imogen

    1. Thank you 😊😊
      It’s so good when you get a present that they actually like, it’s such a result!

      Kate xx

  2. Great post I really struggle to buy my dad gifts he always has everything and if he doesn’t he just buys himself it anyways

    Sophie Kate //

    1. Oh my Dad is exactly the same, they are annoying like that!!

      Kate xx

  3. This is my Dad all over, he is so hard to buy for. But yes alcohol is always a safe bet!

    Big Love,


    1. I’m glad my Dad isn’t the only one!!

      Kate xx


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