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Maria Nila Haircare

Maria Nila Haircare

If you've read my blog before you'll know I'm a sucker for anything that promises to give my hair volume. So when I had the opportunity to try some of the Maria Nila products, I went straight for the volume range. I met with the lovely people at Push PR who gifted me these lovely products. When I met them, they said they were actually going on a PR trip later that week with Maria Nila, which I later saw in one of Niomi Smart's YouTube videos - crazy! It was lovely to meet the ladies there and to find out some more about Maria Nila, which was a new brand to me, but now a brand I totally love.

Maria Nila Shampoo and Conditioner

Maria Nila is a Swedish brand, let's face it great things come from Sweden - IKEA, ABBA,  and this brand can be added to that list. They pride themselves on producing their products in Sweden and filling them with amazing, carefully selected, ingredients. Their main aim is to produce the best product they can without compromising the health of your hair or the environment. Also, their products are 100% vegan, so you know they're filled with lovely ingredients with no harm being inflicted on animals.

Maria Nila Shampoo and Conditioner

This brand has a really extensive range of products. Everything from colour care, colour refresh to healing the hair and styling products. All of their products have a colour guard complex to keep coloured hair looking fresh. This guard helps to reduce the loss of colour associated with washing, heat styling, UV rays and free radicals. Also, they are all free from sulphates and parabens, which makes them so much better for your hair and skin.

Maria Nila Shampoo

Maria Nila Conditioner

Over the last couple of months, I have been trying out the shampoo and conditioner from the Pure Volume range. Firstly, how stunning is the packaging!? I really love the colours and the simplicity of the packaging for this brand. The shampoo and conditioner have Vitamin B5 as one of the ingredients to add long lasting volume to the hair. The conditioner is designed for fine hair to soften and moisturise the hair without weighing it down.

After using these products, I can say that they live up to the expectations and claims. Even after the first couple of uses, I noticed that my hair was more volumised and felt nourished. I don't have coloured hair, so I can't comment on the colour guard complex. But, it's really good that they have this as standard throughout all their products.

Maria Nila Structure Repair Leave in Cream

I have also been using the Structure Repair Leave in Cream. I really struggle with dry ends on my hair, especially when it was longer, and this product has been a total lifesaver for those ends. When using this product, I have been applying a small amount of the cream to damp hair, focussing mostly on the ends. I then blow dry as normal or leave to air dry. This product has algae extract to repair and rebuild any damages to the hair structure. I've noticed that my hair feels much more nourished after using and split ends seem visibly reduced. Totally loved it.

Have you used any of the Maria Nila products? What would you recommend? I'd love for you to share this with me in the comments, or via Instagram/Twitter.
Love, Kate xx



  1. Hair fall is something really big issue but this much informative about hair care os really good for hair caring.Thank you so much for all this information :)


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