Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Empties #3

Empties #3

I hope you're all ready for another insight into my empties collection. It's a bit of a mixed bunch this time. I've also got #1 and #2 in this series, so why not go check them out.

Exuviance Bionic Body Polishing Masque
Exuviance Bionic Body Polishing Masque
I picked up this product at the Bloggers Festival Event last year, but for some reason, it's taken me a really long time to get round to using it. I've really enjoyed using this product. It's full of really lovely ingredients that really nourishes the skin. You massage the scrub into the skin and then leave it on for a couple of minutes. I find this helps to moisturise the skin. This product is definitely more of a luxury purchase at £32. I really liked it and it felt so good for my skin, but the price tag does put me off somewhat.
Would I buy it again? Maybe - as a treat.

What's in it for me..? Body Cleanser
I was gifted this product a couple of months ago and wrote a full blog post all about it - have a read of it here.  Since writing this post, my opinion of this product hasn't changed - I've totally loved it. What I was pleasantly surprised with is how long it lasted - really good value for money. I also really loved the pump as it makes it so quick and easy to access the product in the shower. 
Would I buy it again? Definitely 

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo
I always need dry shampoo in my life - it's a staple as I do not enjoy washing my hair. Yes, I am totally gross. I will normally only use Batiste dry shampoo, but this one was on offer so I thought I would try out a different brand. Bad idea. I really haven't liked this product. I found that it actually made my hair feel more greasy, not refreshed. I absolutely love Aussie shampoos and conditioners, so it was a shame that I didn't love this too.
Would I buy it again? No, unfortunately not. 

Yes, I now realise that I have put two shower gels in this post, but everyone needs a great shower gel in their life. I love Original Source, always have. I really love the classic mint shower gel, but I also love to try out their different flavours (no, I'm not sure that's the right word either?!) Firstly, the smell of this product is incredible. Totally good enough to eat, like a banana Angel Delight. I also love how nourishing and moisturising this product is to the skin. It doesn't leave your skin feeling dry like other shower gels can. 
Would I buy it again? Yes - love this brand.

What have been some of the products you've been loving or hating? I'd love for you to share them with me in the comments, or via Instagram/Twitter.
Love, Kate xx

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  1. Oh my God what a number of product available for a beautiful skin. I liked the which is made of bamboo milk a moisturizing cream. I should try this.


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