Sunday, 24 September 2017

A Trip Down Memory Lane....With Scents

A Trip Down Memory Lane....With Scents

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If you've read my Signature Scents post, you will have seen me talking about how I often associate memories with scents. As soon as I smell that familiar scent, it can take me right back to where I was at that point in my life. Clive Christian, a high-end perfume brand, has unveiled a Private Collection of the best perfumes. Whilst they are definitely more on the pricey side, they smell incredible and are made with rare and precious ingredients. This collection celebrates extraordinary lifetime moments and memories, so this got me thinking about some of my own memories.

Like I said in my Signature Scents post, I will often associate scents with people. If you wear a scent often enough around me, I will soon start to associate it with you. I had a friend at university who would always wear the same perfume whenever I saw her, I couldn't tell you the name of it, but if someone were to walk past me on the street wearing that exact perfume, I will always think of her. I can do it with ex-boyfriends too, if I smell an aftershave that they used to wear it reminds me of them - even my back to my high school boyfriend!

If there is a scent that I will always remember my Mum by, it has to be Calvin Klein Eternity. When I was very young, my mum would sometimes work away and I would cry my eyes out. She would always spray this perfume on one of her tops and leave it with me. I would always find this comforting and it would get me through the week.

Holiday scents have to be my favourite. I love to wear a specific scent all week on my holiday in order for that scent to be associated with memories from that holiday. Back in 2009, I went on my first ever girls holiday to Malia. Oh, it was a fun week. It really opened my eyes up to the world and gave me a sense of independence. I came home, and not that long after, ended my 4-year relationship with my childhood sweetheart. Even though it was just Malia, it made me realise there was more to life than my idiot boyfriend. Throughout this holiday, I was wearing Ralph, by Ralph Lauren. I don't have this perfume anymore (and I'm shocked you can still buy it). But, this scent will always remind me of that holiday.

I would love to hear the memories you associate with certain scents. Share them with me in the comments, or chat to me via Instagram and Twitter.
Love, Kate xx

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