Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Pixi & Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse Review

I'm pretty sure every man and their dog have heard of the benefits of the double cleanse. I am a big advocate of this myself, and I try (as best as I can) to double cleanse every evening. But, I just find it such a faff when you're travelling. Also, for storage at home, it's just another product I could do without remembering or finding space for in my ever expanding bathroom cupboards. So, when I saw the Double Cleanse by Pixi and Caroline Hirons, I had to give it a try. 
So, what's it all about I hear you ask. One side is the solid cleansing oil - the first step. Cleansing oils are really good for breaking down makeup and daily grime on your face. The second step is the cleansing cream. These are really good to apply after cleansing with the oil to clean deep into the pores. Leaving you with a squeaky clean face. The product is packaged so you have both products in one, the perfect solution for travelling and clearing up space in your cupboards. 
I've been using this product for the last two months, and I've really been enjoying it. The cleansing oil is a solid formula, to begin with, but it melts really nicely onto the face when applied. You can visibly see the product breaking down the makeup on your face. You do look like your face is melting when you have it on - but that's all part of the fun. I then use a damp muslin cloth to wipe away the oil and the makeup residue. I then do exactly the same with the cleansing cream.
I would most definitely recommend this product. Particularly for people who are just starting out with double cleansing. It just makes the whole process much simpler to have both products in one.

Have you tried this product? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 
Love, Kate xx

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