Sunday, 19 February 2017

My Fitness Journey: Couch to Half Marathon Update 5

Happy Sunday! 
I'm back again with another training update. You might remember last time I told you about my issues with knee pain - well sadly that didn't go away. Over the last month, I have been plagued with injury and this has impacted my training. A couple of weeks ago, I ran my furthest distance yet - 7 miles - I was so incredibly proud of myself. When I got home after this run, I noticed a lot of swelling on both of my knees. I was used to this in one knee, but definitely not both. I woke up the next morning and I was experiencing a lot of pain in both knees. I was getting worried at this point as they had never been like this before, so I rang the doctors and got an appointment later that day. I went to my appointment and it was the biggest waste of time. I was sent away and just told to take ibuprofen and to stop running - really not helpful. I feel like I can't blame them too much, it's not really their area of expertise. 
So after that appointment didn't give me any answers, the only option I had was to book an appointment with a sports physio. Best decision ever. She was so knowledgeable, and the best thing was she told me that I didn't have to stop running. One of the things she told me was my arch had flattened since I had started running, meaning my running shoes were no longer supporting me. She gave me an insole to wear to help support my arches. It's just so incredible how little things like that can make such a difference. Hopefully, my injury woes are behind me now - onwards and upwards for the next three weeks. Yes, it is only three weeks away - oh God! 
To help spur on my motivation, I went on a trip to Bath yesterday to check out the route. My gosh did that put the fear of God into me. As I drove around the route, a wave of sickness came over me when I drove down the road where the start/finish line will be. What was so noticeable was the amount of people out running in Bath. Maybe it is just a very active city, but it felt like marathon fever was in the air. 
There is probably only one update left between now and the half, so keep sending me positive vibes, please. How are your New Year training goals going? Let me know in the comments.
Love, Kate xx

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