Sunday, 4 December 2016

Blogmas: My Old Christmas Photos

In the spirt of Christmas, and along the lines of 'A Christmas Carol', I wanted to have a trip down memory lane with my Christmas past. On a recent visit to my parents house, I raided the old photo albums and selected a few pictures from my childhood. Come along with me and have a laugh at some of my baby pictures... 
This was Christmas 1991, my first Christmas. Firstly, can we talk about my Mum's styling - I look so festive in the red trouser white jumper combo - Love it! Looking closer at the jumper it has christmas trees and snow on it, so my love of a Christmas jumper started early. I love the classic pose by the Christmas tree, my mum and dad still have those lights on their tree! Again, my Mum was right on trend with the dress and white collar combination.
Talking about my Mum and Dad being thrifty, we still have the Santa hat that I am wearing in the top picture. I can't say I look full of the joys of Christmas! It's so cute to see baby pictures of myself, until I realise I still have the same chubby cheeks! The second picture is one of me and my Grampie. He's no longer with us and I don't have many memories of him as he passed away when I was young, but all the pictures we have of him I am always smiling or laughing with him. 
These two pictures include two of the main memories I have from Christmas as a child. The first is the Santa Express in North Yorkshire. We would go on this train every year with my parents friends and their children. It was such a magical and festive train ride with a visit to Santa and a present included. I thought this wouldn't still be running, but it is! If you can make it to the Santa Express in North Yorkshire I would highly recommend it. 
The second picture is of Clearwell Caves in the Forest of Dean. With all my family being Welsh, we would alternate Christmas with my cousins, with one year in Yorkshire and the other in Wales. Whenever we were in Wales for Christmas we would always visit the caves. They dressed them all up for Christmas, and it was another chance for me to meet the big man and tell him what I wanted for Christmas. I absolutely love this picture of me and my Mum and Dad - its probably one of the few pictures we have as my Mum hates pictures! 
Our final stop on the tour is when I am a bit older, christmas 1994. I'm actually only 3 years old in these pictures, but I look about 7 years old...I was a large child! Look at me with my gappy teeth opening my presents. The Minnie Mouse in the first picture was something I remember throughout my whole childhood. I loved (and still do) disney, I think my parents might still have that Minnie toy somewhere. Also, can we talk about my turtle neck jumper - it is so true about fashions coming back around eventually. 
The top right picture is my first nativity - I was a chicken, because the chicken was an important role in the birth of Jesus right...?! My nativity roles didn't get much better from then on, I can remember being a cat and a donkey too. Damn why was I never Mary! 
I hope you have enjoyed looking at old Christmas photos with me. Share some of your Christmas memories in the comments, I would love to hear them! 
Love, Kate xx
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  1. This is such a cute idea! Looking forward to seeing more blogmas posts from you

    Coleoftheball xx


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