Saturday, 3 December 2016

Blogmas: Decorating the Tree....What's on My Christmas Tree

Putting up the tree has to be one of my favourite things about Christmas. I have lots of memories of putting up the Christmas tree with my Dad on the first weekend in December, much to my Mum's despair. We would put on Christmas songs and spend a large proportion of the day getting the house ready for Christmas. Now I am older and I have my own house, this means I have my own tree to put up. I am a perfectionist, so the tree is better left for me to put it up on my own. But I do miss the days of decorating the tree with my Papa!
I treated myself to a new tree this year. I realised that my old tree would no longer fit in my living room due to the addition of a bookcase. Oops! I knew if I was buying a tree it would have to be a pre-lit one. There is nothing worse than putting lights on a Christmas tree - from the untangling to the precision of trying to get the lights even - it's just awful! So, I found this tree in Wilko. (Just an FYI, don't ever do click and collect with them, their delivery times are awful.) I found the tree was a breeze to put together, it was so quick without needing to fiddle around with the lights too.
On to the best bit, baubles. These decorations are now into their second Christmas. All the baubles are from Next, the pine cones are from Sainsbury's and the star is from Tesco. I am in love with these baubles. Not only are they beautiful, they are also really good value. The smaller boxes were £6 each and the larger box was only £10. I would highly recommend Next for decorations, they have a large selection of colours for whatever colour scheme you want for your tree. I feel in love with the frosted, champagne colours in these ranges. I also love the added deeper shades in the black and maroon baubles. Never in a million years did I think I would have black baubles, but they look really pretty.
So once all the baubles are on, I then add in the pine cones. I have considerably less of these, so I just place them evenly around the tree. Once all the decorations are on, I then spend the next 30 minutes just staring at the tree, tweaking it in places. I told you I was a perfectionist with my tree. Last but not least, I place the start on top of the tree (spending about 10 minutes trying to get it straight!)
The pièce de résistance
Who knew taking pictures of baubles was so hard #baubleselfie
What do you put on your Christmas tree? What's your favourite bit about decorating the tree?
Love, Kate xx
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