Thursday, 8 December 2016

Blogmas: Couch to Half Marathon Update 3

So, it's been a little while since I updated you on my half marathon training. Please accept my apologies for my lateness.

The first update is that I have joined a running club. I was finding that I was giving up too easy when I was running on my own. I knew I  could run further, but I was stopping when things were getting hard. So, I thought I can't hide or stop if I am running with other people. This was the best decision I have made for my training. Within one night of running with the club, I ran 3.5 miles without stopping - my personal best. Woo, go me! When I began my first run with them, I panicked because their pace was so much faster than mine. I said to the 'pack leader' that I didn't think I could do it, and he couldn't have been more supportive. He told me to go at my own pace and that he would run with me. This was exactly what I needed. I smashed the 3.5 miles and was still alive at the end to tell the tale.

My running shoes are still going strong, and since then, no knee pain! I have also discovered a amazing active wear company - Fabletics. They have an introductory offer of your first outfit for £20. To get this, you have to sign up to a direct debit of £44 per month, you either spend this money or you 'skip the month' which means they don't take any money from your account. They seem to always have offers on , so you're always getting a good deal. Not only is this brand good value, their clothes are really good quality. The running leggings are so soft and they don't move around when you're running like a lot of my other leggings do. So, if you're on the look out for new activewear, I highly recommend these guys.

Looking to the next few weeks, my goal is to conquer 4 miles by Christmas. So, I'll be bracing the freezing temperatures this winter in order to smash this goal too. So, until next time...

Any hints, tips or motivation would be highly appreciated in the comments :) 
Love, Kate xx

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