Monday, 12 December 2016

Blogmas: Bloggers Christmas Tag...My Favourite Bloggers

Christmas is the time for sharing and I wanted to share the love for some of my favourite bloggers. Some of these people inspired me to start blogging, and others I have come across since I have started blogging. But, ultimately, these people are great and I highly recommend you check out their blogs.

I had the pleasure of meeting this girl at the Bloggers Festival earlier in the year, and she is even nicer in person than she already seems on her blog. I love her range of beauty, lifestyle and travel posts. Her photography is also on point. She has recently started a YouTube channel where she makes the best vlogs - her and her boyfriend are so cute!

I first discovered Meg on YouTube and instantly loved her, I then came across her blog and became obsessed with that too. Firstly, just check out her blog because it is beyond beautiful. Then, I am pretty sure you will love her just as much as I do. Her writing style is really lovely, it's just like she is talking to you. Her photography and flatlays are so perfect - totally blogger goals. 2016 seems to have been her year with so many great achievements, she totally deserves all the success she gets. 

2016 saw the beginning to 'Single Kate' and Vix's blog came into my life at just the right time. When was feeling down about being single and despairing at dating apps, Vix's blog came along to change all that. Her blog posts are raw and honest, which is so refreshing. Her writing style is hysterical, just as if you were having a chat with your mates. Also, if you haven't checked out #vixswipes you are seriously missing out. 

To me, this girl is the holy grail of blogging. Her blog is totally stunning. I love her fashion posts, however, they do make me spend money! She has a wardrobe that I could only dream of, but that's what I love about reading other people's blogs and having a nosey into their world. I also love her YouTube channel, her make up tutorials are some of my favourite videos to watch. 

Why don't you continue sharing the love by leaving your favourite blogs in the comments below.
Love, Kate xx

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