Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Blogtember: How I Take My Blog Pictures

I wanted to do this post as more people have been asking me recently how I take my blog pictures. I'm not trying to pretend that I am an expert at this, but these are the some of the tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way. If you have any suggestions for how I can keep improving my images, I would be so grateful. 
This is a shot of my usual picture set up...
The Background
For my backgrounds, I was told the most incredible tip for this. It involved you heading to your nearest DIY store and raiding the wallpaper section. You can rip off bits of the wallpaper samples and be on your way with them for free! It's the most genius idea. There are some really lovely prints that make amazing flat lay backgrounds. The marble background I have in the image above is actually sticky back plastic. I got this from B&Q, it should actually be a sticky cover for kitchen doors. If you have a snoop around B&Q you'd be surprised at the things you can find for flat lays. 
The camera I use is my trusty phone, I have the iPhone 6S. With the right lighting and editing, I think I can take some really amazing images on this phone. I would like to upgrade to a DSLR camera at some point, but right now I am happy with my iPhone. I use Photos on my MacBook to edit my images. If I am uploading straight to Instagram, I will use the VSCO app on my phone - it's amazing.

I feel a flat lay is made by the props that you use to compliment your products. I like to use things like flowers (real and artificial), fairy lights, makeup brushes, magazines or the corner of my MacBook. Depending on what I am blogging about will depend on what I place as props. I find that it can be a lot of trial and error with props. I have been loving the fairy lights recently (you might have noticed!)

At the moment, I am using only natural light. I am really happy with the look of my images in the natural light. I was very lucky to start blogging in Spring, so I might not be saying the same thing when then nights start drawing in. I can feel I will be spending my weekends bulk taking blog pictures.

Have you got any tips for me?
I would be so grateful if you could share any in the comments below. 

Love, Kate xx

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