Friday, 22 July 2016

My Favourite Motivational Quotes

I love a good quote - I'm not really sure why, but I find words can be so motivational. I've been going through a tough time personally recently (I might do a post on this one day....maybe), and honestly, these quotes have helped me through.
This one is so true - things might not be great, but it won't last the rest of your life. 

I love this as it reminds me to find good in every day - even the crappy ones. 

I love this (not just because it involves lipstick) because it reminds me that you just have to pick yourself up and get on with life.

I think I have to thank this quote for the reason my blog exists. I strongly believe that if you have faith and belief in yourself, you can do anything.  

Finally, this one reminds me to not just do well/be successful in life, but to also be a nice person and give back to others.
What are your favourite quotes?
Love, Kate xx

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  1. I love these quotes, they would be great on a mood board!

    Lauren |🌻

    1. Yeh they would actually. Thanks for stopping by!
      Kate xx


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