Sunday, 5 June 2016

Primark Haul

So I'm like most people, I can't pass a Primark without going in to just 'have a look', and nine times out of ten I come out with at least one bag full of stuff. So yesterday was no exception.

I'm going to Wildlife festival next weekend so that was my goal for this shopping trip. I came across a really cute black and white stripe crop top for £6. I thought this would look so cute with high waisted black denim shorts and trainers.

I also got some bandanna style headbands - I was envisioning that I would look like Khloe Kardashian in these...but we will see. They had loads of colours, like red and dark blue, but I went for the black and grey as I thought those colours would match my wardrobe better.

I also picked up a gorgeous blue knitted cardigan, it was £14 so more on the pricer side for Primark. Its so cosy and I thought it would be perfect to put on later in the night (or if the weather isn't great - which it probably will be knowing the classic English summer). I'm thinking of pairing it with a blue denim shorts and a white crop top.

As far as festival accessories go, I just wanted to grab a cheap black shoulder/cross body bag that I could take with me and not really worry have to worry about getting it dirty or scratched. I also came across the a powerbank for £6, so I will have enough battery for lots of pictures and snapchats!

So even though my goal was festival items....obviously some other bits made their way into my basket. I picked up a new mug to take to work, because quite frankly my one at work is minging! Its got such a pretty pattern and for £2 its a bargain! I also picked up some new shoes for work. The image above really doesn't do them justice, the have a dual fabric with a suede effect on the toe and snakeskin effect leather along the sides, so pretty. And finally, some fairy lights that you may, or may not be seeing in future blogs....

I would love to hear what you have been buying in Primark lately?

Love, Kate




  1. I love the stripe top and cardigan - such great pieces for a festival!

    Laura //

    1. They're so cute aren't they! Can't wait to wear them this weekend!

  2. I can't go into Primark without buying either!
    Love the bandanna!

    Amy xx

  3. It's like an addiction!!! They're cute aren't they, safe to say I don't look like Khloe Kardashian!! Xx


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